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Computers have come a long way from being a big machine that you could keep on your desk to the small ones that you can hold on your palms. The technology has improved over the years and the computers have become stronger in terms of functionalities. Computers are needed everywhere; you need it at home to check emails or play games; you need it in office to do work. You cannot imagine your lives without a computer. Your smartphone is a mini computer too which allows you to do many things even when you are on the go.

This blog is about computers. You will learn about the latest computers here. You will know about their features, functions, software, web applications and lots more. You will get reviews and buying guides to help you purchase you’re a computer. You will know about the various ways computers are used today.

Technology experts have written interesting and informative articles for our blog. There is a forum on the blog that will help you to connect with others and discuss computers. We hope you will become more knowledgeable about computers after reading our blog.